National Museum of Language, College Park, MD

Just visited the National Museum of Language in College Park, just north of University Park. Initially hard to miss as I had a different idea of what I was looking for, the museum has two exhibition rooms and is located on the 2nd floor of an office building. Their current exhibition is on language: its writing forms and its uses. With plenty of informational material as well as cultural objects from various European and Asian cultures, their collection has been on exhibition since 2008. When I asked about South American and African cultures, their roots not on display, I learned that they do have materials in their collection, but that this exhibition focused on the European/Asian cultures, and that there’s plenty on Amharic if I’m interested. Good finds!

The docent I spoke with told me they’re planning a new exhibition after their annual membership dinner on May 6th, so I hope to stop back sometime. Today was a talk on computational language, that was really for their members than on behalf of their current exhibition. With more than 300 members she tells me, I’m pleasantly surprised as I always would see their sign out on Route 1 but hadn’t visited since I’m not a big linguistics-language-classics student (well plenty are!). Visit for more information!



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