Blogging On Hiatus

After a year and a half of chronicling my travels visiting art exhibitions, theatre performances, and finding fun neighborhoods, I am placing my blogging regularly on Soulstrong on a hiatus. The opportunity to locate new galleries, studios, and people, coupled with sharing this space with other artists and art-enthusiasts has been a great connector to come out of my skin and create an active life for both myself and those who have joined me on my travels.

With the opportunity of a new full-time position, I’m conducting a change in lifestyle. While I will continue to live-blog (tweet) @soulstrong when I can and utilize my Soulstrong platform to advance promotion of my artwork and my work in the Gateway Arts District, my emphasis on continuing community will be shared through my work with the Hyattsville CDC (also on Twitter @HyattsvilleCDC) and the project (also on Twitter @MyGatewayArts). Of most importance, as I focus my artwork towards regularly creating dry-media abstracted images of structure, space, and how people use their space, I am aware that I’ve been splitting my attention too many places and need to stop doing six things and focus just on two artistic endeavors on the regular. This consolidation will allow me better focus and ground.

I invite you to sign up for my monthly newsletter, which can tell you of what I’m up to. I will send my monthly newsletters as usual. Thank you for your support.


About Justin Fair

urban planner, arts manager and visual artist
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