Twitter Entries on the Arts Have Now Been Added to Soulstrong Arts Blog

Twitter Entries on the Arts Have Now Been Added to Soulstrong Arts Blog

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What’s Justin up to this September?

What’s Justin up to this September?
Today is the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah, celebrating the New Year on the Hebrew Calendar. It’s a high holy day that marks a time of reflection, resolutions, and rest. Starting a countdown to Yom Kippur (10 days), Rosh Hashanah is the start of a cleansing period that requires repentance, remembrance, and forgiveness. A month ago I made a commitment to succeed and not make (as many) excuses in 5773 (2012-2013): I live in Elkridge, MD now; I’ve joined a gym; I’m slowing down to listen and be more aware; and, I am building on my regimen of exercise. With change I am learning means making time to rest and to kick gears. Taking time off on such a busy week for my job (see below) reminds me that faith, religion, and reflection of self come first. A big thank you to all who have helped me get to this point in my life. This is a time to celebrate and to be selfless: to improve and to challenge. Great preparation with a great team allows peace of mind:

This SATURDAY is the 5th Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival (11 AM – 5 PM)! Counting down the days (6 including today!), I’ve been part of an awesome team with the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (Hyattsville CDC) organizing the Festival. We cannot wait to meet more of the artists, see our work produce buds of collaboration and interest, and fulfill laying the stage for many folks’ hardwork to pay off. I do hope you join me. It’s a big street festival on Route 1 in the Gateway Arts District, and for the last 2 years I exhibited my paintings, drawings and prints; and, this year I have the honor of being part of the organizing. Let me know if you can come out! RSVP on Facebook here

See over 50 exhibiting artists, enjoy live entertainment and eat some great food on the happening streets of Hyattsville. Last year, over 2,300 DC-area art aficionados lined the streets of the Arts District Hyattsville town center to experience amazing arts & crafts, numerous live performances, as well as tasty local food & drink. This year visitors will find exciting new housing to tour, including new apartments, condos, and row homes; visit new retail shops; and can explore our emerging restaurant district along the corridor. Visit for more information.
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Happy Independence Day!!!

Independence Day!!!

Just want to thank you for your support of my work!

As we enjoy the fireworks tonight, a reminder to take the time to honor our servicemen and women 🙂

I plan on finishing my series of pastel-charcoal drawings this/next month.
Will share them in the upcoming weeks!

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What's Justin up to this June?

Hello everyone! Wonderful news!

What’s Justin up to this June?

I am now working as the Economic Development Coordinator with the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (Hyattsville CDC). This full-time opportunity will allow me to learn the ways of applying sound urban planning principles in an up-and-coming economic center. I am humbled and thankful. My position works alongside my work as Content Manager for until that positions concludes in the Fall. So far my first few weeks have been challenging and inspirational, and I look forward to continuing our work.


Additionally, please join me as I appear in a new performance by Alan Sharpe as part of the DC Black Theater Festival called “11 x 8 1/2 Inches.” I am humbled to be part of this great cast!  Alan’s works are heartfelt and humorous, touching and at times risque (don’t mind his dark tones in the short description below, I did say he has a flair for the dramatic). I can’t wait for this rare once-a-year opportunity. Tickets are free and can be reserved ahead of time. Please join us for a great evening. Reserve your ticket online here. RSVP on Facebook here

Alan Sharpe’s African-American Collective Theater (ACT) once again showcases many of DC’s most talented actors, in a steamy new series of his short plays exploring the lives of same gender-loving brothers in the Black community.  Darkly dramatic, explicitly erotic, candidly comic and raunchily romantic, these dramas chronicle the challenges of  brothers ‘in the life” embracing their true sexuality…or still struggling along the road to self-recognition and redemption.  This follow-up to last year’s “Hand to Mouth” provides a sneak peek at another collection of edgy, underground works, not likely to ever make it to the more mainstream stage. Friday, June 29, 2012,  9 p.m. FREE. The Blackburn Center at Howard University, 2400 Sixth Street, NW, Washington, DC.  

Thanks for reading!

Have a good day 🙂

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Blogging On Hiatus

After a year and a half of chronicling my travels visiting art exhibitions, theatre performances, and finding fun neighborhoods, I am placing my blogging regularly on Soulstrong on a hiatus. The opportunity to locate new galleries, studios, and people, coupled with sharing this space with other artists and art-enthusiasts has been a great connector to come out of my skin and create an active life for both myself and those who have joined me on my travels.

With the opportunity of a new full-time position, I’m conducting a change in lifestyle. While I will continue to live-blog (tweet) @soulstrong when I can and utilize my Soulstrong platform to advance promotion of my artwork and my work in the Gateway Arts District, my emphasis on continuing community will be shared through my work with the Hyattsville CDC (also on Twitter @HyattsvilleCDC) and the project (also on Twitter @MyGatewayArts). Of most importance, as I focus my artwork towards regularly creating dry-media abstracted images of structure, space, and how people use their space, I am aware that I’ve been splitting my attention too many places and need to stop doing six things and focus just on two artistic endeavors on the regular. This consolidation will allow me better focus and ground.

I invite you to sign up for my monthly newsletter, which can tell you of what I’m up to. I will send my monthly newsletters as usual. Thank you for your support.

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Portfolio Panel Workshop 5/5 at the Brentwood Arts Exchange @ #GatewayArts Ctr; plus Portfolio Review 6/2!

Hi everyone, did you know there’s a Portfolio Panel Workshop at the Brentwood Arts Exchange this Saturday, the 5th from 3-5pm? More info below:

Upcoming Business of Art Workshops
At the Brentwood Arts Exchange @ Gateway Arts Center

Portfolio Panel: The Inside and Out of Creating a Great Art Portfolio
May 5, 2012; 3-5pm • SMARTlink #883815

Learn from arts professionals about what makes a portfolio great and not-so-great. Hear what makes them look twice or not at all, what they’ve seen that works, and where trends are going. Continue reading

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National Museum of Language, College Park, MD

Just visited the National Museum of Language in College Park, just north of University Park. Initially hard to miss as I had a different idea of what I was looking for, the museum has two exhibition rooms and is located on the 2nd floor of an office building. Their current exhibition is on language: its writing forms and its uses. With plenty of informational material as well as cultural objects from various European and Asian cultures, their collection has been on exhibition since 2008. When I asked about South American and African cultures, their roots not on display, I learned that they do have materials in their collection, but that this exhibition focused on the European/Asian cultures, and that there’s plenty on Amharic if I’m interested. Good finds!

The docent I spoke with told me they’re planning a new exhibition after their annual membership dinner on May 6th, so I hope to stop back sometime. Today was a talk on computational language, that was really for their members than on behalf of their current exhibition. With more than 300 members she tells me, I’m pleasantly surprised as I always would see their sign out on Route 1 but hadn’t visited since I’m not a big linguistics-language-classics student (well plenty are!). Visit for more information!


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